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Mouths Wide Open is an ad hoc group that came together in 2002
to raise our voices and act on our convictions. While many of us are
theatre artists, visual artists, musicians, singers, actors and writers,
we're also students, bookkeepers, mathematicians, nannies, carpenters,
researchers, teachers, fact-checkers, scientists, bike messengers and
flea market mavens. We're committed to fostering open dialogue,
creating and disseminating materials that spread the message of
radical sanity, and encouraging others to come together in a similar
spirit. We recognize the need for community and organization, for
resistance and action, and for the pooling of time, energy and resources.
There is strength in numbers.

Our motto refers to the engaged responsibility of activism.
Democracy demands participation.
Our global community can't survive without each of us
seeing ourselves as global citizens, committed to fighting for
a sustainable, equitable and creative world.