This is the administration's only real
"exit strategy" for iraq or afganistan

Seven Years in Iraq and Eight Years in Afghanistan
Here's What We've Accomplished There So Far...

D E A D*
Iraqi troops killed: 30, 000   Afghan troops killed: 8,587
Iraqi civilians killed: 815, 411   Afghan civilians killed: 8,309
U.S. troops killed: 4,376   U.S. troops killed: 1,000
Coalition troops killed: 318   Coalition troops killed: 647
Contractors killed: 933   Contractors killed: 75
Journalists killed: 141   Jouralists killed: 9
TOTAL KILLED:   851, 179   TOTAL KILLED:   18,627
Iraqi troops: 90,000   Afghan troops:
Iraqi civilians: 1,467,740   Afghan civilians:
U.S. troops: 31,616   U.S. troops: 2,742
Coalition troops: 2,290   Coalition troops: 1,941
Contractors: 10,569   Contractors: 2,428
Journalists: unknown   Jouralists: unknown
TOTAL:   1,602,215   TOTAL:   47,828

Numbers are as of February 16 & March 1, 2010
Please see
for sources for each # listed here.
Also, for more on casualty figures check:;



Over 250,000 Iraqi Civilians

I hold in my hand a list of names

we ring bells sisters and friends in shame for our country's battle cry of freedom in the name of Nur the light Al Haqq the truth we ring bells and pronounce the names of 29 members of Metaq Ali's family 8 25 46 81 4 months 9 months killed in an aircraft attack we ring bells for Zhra Talad Kder Hmod 7 year old girl shard from her house through her heart we ring bells school boys and professors scientists and engineers 9 42 68 20 Hadi the guide burned to death we ring bells and cry for Rashid the teacher Karim the generous died in their homes on their streets at work 92 38 59 26 flower petals and stones returning to the earth we speak your name your age your time in remembrance Ar Rahman Ar Rahim merciful and compassionate in the cold and wind and rain we ring bells and mourn for those dying in the desert 13 52 67 33 Basirah sees with the eye of the heart Khabir Shakur the aware the thankful Gbar 5 year old boy 6 15 1 and a half killed by a bomb a missle a rocket Fatma the wife 19 36 72 shot to death we ring bells we honor and grieve for Alea Abra Kata a 23 year old Iraqi woman killed in a tank attack we ring the bell and pronounce your name Jawad Kathom Faris Hussen Al-Aane 33 year old Iraqi man killed by shrapnel and we ring bells Issa Maryam Yosef Musa Abrahem Mohammed shapers of beauty parents and prophets 6 17 29 87 Shahid the witness Hakim the wise Ghafur the forgiver

Be LaRoe— October 2005

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