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Participate in the Army Men Project as part of 2010: The Year of Resistance!

We’re relaunching our Army Men Project as part of Cindy Sheehan’s call to make 2010 the YEAR OF RESISTANCE. It’s crucial that people seeking global justice and peace renew their participation in civic dialogue and their commitment to social action. We encourage you to deploy these little green soldiers around the country and around the globe as everyday reminders of the ongoing horrors of war. washingtonmonument

Why not join our version of “increasing troop levels” by deploying some of your own?  Put them where they can be found, taken home and linked to the ongoing struggle for peace!  Send us your comments about the project and photos of your Army Men in action!

Mouths Wide Open   February 22, 2010


Here’s someone (a musician, artist, song/poetry/story-writer) that back in 2006 found a little green soldier in a New York planter during a New Year’s holiday.  He said “BRING ME HOME.”  That is what I did – I took him here to Verona.  Finally I found your site and I have to say that yours is a great idea…really… if I can help you in any way tell me.  I’d like to contribute to the project.   
Keep going on guys! 

Micah B.   Verona, Italy  September 29, 2009



I love the idea and want to participate!

Mark G.   Arlington, VA  July 26, 2009



I really think the Army Men project is a great one, but I was a little disappointed to see the past posting was July 2008. Are people still putting in pictures of army men? Hope so. My picture is the one of hte couple in the Ms. Liberty and Uncle Sam suit.

John K. San Diego, CA May 31, 2009



Here is the installation I entered in the California State Fair last summer. It won an "Award of Excellence" and received a lot of positive responses.

click on image to see larger view

There are 25,000 plastic soldiers to represent each soldier injured and 3,400 tombstones with the names & dates of each soldiers killed as of last July 2007. I'm trying to decide whether to keep adding to it and display it other places or just distribute the 25,000 army men around Sacramento before the [November] election. Marching up the capitol building steps may be an idea!

Thanks for inspiring us all to speak out!!!

Elaine Bowers Sacramento, CA July 15, 2008


As we enter the 6th year of our country’s war on Iraq, we encourage you to join Mouths Wide Open in our own version of “the surge” – a surge of small green Army Men spreading across the country and around the globe to remind people of the horrors being inflicted on the people of Iraq and the long term destruction (physical, emotional, psychological) on everyone involved in this illegal war.

Get involved in your community, online and in the streets. Step up your Commitment, your Vigilance and your Resistance – Take Action to End the War!

Mouths Wide Open March 19, 2008


I am currently deployed to Kuwait, and would love to participate. I cannot find any (plastic army men) over here ... I would love to distribute a couple hundred if possible. We went to a Dining-in function and found a few on some tables as display and we "acquired" them and are now placing them all over the camp as overwatch. They are in our TOC, the post office, latrines, and tents. I want to expand it all over the base. Your project sounds perfect. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

J, Kuwait December 15, 2007


I just came across your website and thought
you may be interested in my artwork.
(Please see:



Since the start of the United States military presence in Iraq, I have been making artwork based on the inexpensive, small, plastic toy soldiers that so many young children have played with for generations … The fact that these particular toys are so inexpensive means that they can be (and have been) purchased by people of nearly every economic level. As an American, I believe that the time is right to be making artwork that has a reference to my country’s involvement in a very controversial war. I further believe that it is important to do so.

Mark Williams, New York, NY November 7, 2007

With all the e-mails I get I cannot remember where I first saw your site! I will say that I immediately knew it was an incredible idea. We used 3,794 (toy army men) in a coffin on September 21st and are in the process of getting them out there. We ordered 40/144 (40 gross) knowing we would need plenty for the coffin
click on image to see larger view

I didn't think putting labels on bottom would be good idea, so I put them through the legs, around guns, etc. I have "Bring ME Home" in big letters, then our web, yours and my phone.

These soldiers spark both controversy and camaraderie and is a most excellent visual to spread about the community. Especially in the RED state of Georgia.”

Cathy B., Brunswick, GA October 4, 2007

yesterday at the weekly vigil, the bushnuts called the cops on our anti-war group. they came...and officer brad stavig blasted them and gave them a lecture on freedom of speech. and then...he stood by to ensure our right to protest...pretty cool, huh! the LGAM (little green army man)(see photo) is on the remote washington coast at Moclips...peace
click on image to see larger view

Sigrid Mari, Puget Sound, WA October 2, 2007


Subject: Army Men in Serbia

I found your website very useful and your Army Men project is an excellent idea.
I had some experiences with your "one million dollar" Tomahawks* and it is still my worst memory. I am contributing my picture with plastic army men and since I am working with the same toys I would like to invite you to see my web site On my picture, in the background you will see building bombed by NATO. This building is one of many buildings in Belgrade city center targeted in 1999.

Marija J., Belgrade, Serbia September 28, 2007
*Tomahawks: U.S. cruise missiles, approximately 8,050 of which were launched by U.S. and NATO forces against Serbia in 1999. Most hit civilian targets.(Info from MouthsWideOpen)


I remember when this project started and then quickly forgot about it until a few weeks ago, when at a coffee shop a little green man appeared. Well, I have distributed about 100 so far in the last two weeks and am on the move to get more out. I was at a wedding today and the green men also attended.

Finding green army men is difficult so I will order from the Oriental Trading Company (ordering information is on the Army Men Project page). I'll try to send a photo of the men at the wedding.

Katherine M., Lincoln, NE July 30th, 2007


Here are photos of army men placed around the Capital Building in
Sacramento, CA on Memorial Day. I also have an entry that was accepted into the California State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit in which I used 25,000 army men to represent all those soldiers who have been wounded in the war. The fair opens in August & I will send a photo at that time. Thanks for your links - that is how I purchased all the army men!!!

Elaine B., Sacramento, CA July 15, 2007


I…(heard about)…the idea for "Bring Us Home" army men from

Jim M., Lucas County, OH July 3, 2007


I've just been introduced to your project by another member of our local group here
in southeast coastal Georgia (GlynnPeace: Citizens To End The War In Iraq I'm intrigued. My first thought, though, was that the message might be misconstrued as pro-military (a real danger toward which the peace movement is sliding, I fear). My way of handling that would be to emphasize the human cost of militarism and the Iraq War in particular by altering the plastic army soldiers in ways which war alters real soldiers. We can't easily show the mental and emotional scars, but we could clip off an arm or a leg or two, or melt a face. Would this discovery of disfigured army men all over the place perhaps be enough to jerk people out of their complacency? I am wondering if any folk out there have experimented with this?

Robert R., Brunswick, GA June 28, 2007


Thank you for putting my photos up on your project site. I’m glad that you felt they conveyed a message and am happy they are being included with all the other great photos, and places here and around the world that this project is reaching …. Thanks again for this art activist action and all of your work and presence at demonstrations.

Robin S., New York, NY June 14, 2007


Army man in action! – I found an army man in action in a cafe in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts. if it was not for this army man i wouldn’t have known about your website. thanks guys!

Tyler D., Northampton, MA May 31st, 2007


I had the pleasure to meet someone (from MWO) at the Mother’s day parade on Sunday and it was suggested that I check out your website, specifically the Army Men Project. I did and have attached two photos for the project.

Ty M., New York, NY May 16, 2007


I came across a little green plastic toy soldier at my local bookstore the other day, I felt compelled to go online and check out the site on the bottom. When my nephew saw the site, he persuaded his father to buy 3 gross of the soldiers ... and he's just one kid!

J. , New York, NY May 2, 2007


A small group of middle aged women are spreading little green soldiers
all over Southern New Hampshire. We are sending a message to the people
to bring the soldiers home as soon as possible. Thank you for a great

M. M., New Hampshire April 28, 2007


I have a … resourceful friend who found the soldiers at a dollar store and
is having the Quaker children stick away on Sundays while the adults are at
the meeting! Resourceful indeed!
It is a marvelous idea and really - you all are the true troopers here!
Much thanks,

Mona Z., March 23, 2007



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