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Since December 2006, Mouths Wide Open has been using artist Mary Frank's pietas in brief provocative actions around New York City – most recently as part of spontaneous protests in response to President Obama’s West Point speech announcing the escalation of the war in Afghanistan. These short (from 30 minutes to two hours) “community engagements” are often carried out with just a few people – sometimes standing silently on street corners, sometimes moving through crowds – but always displaying Frank’s powerful images of the cost of war to everyone.  As we enter a new decade, we encourage you to re-create Frank's poignant pietas and take them into the streets, parks, schools, malls … anywhere people gather … and become part of the crucial conversation for peace.
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Some actions, demonstrations, events and performances from MWO’s archives:

  April 29th 2008
March for Peace in NYC
  Impeach Actions, Article & Sites
2003 - 2008
    Impeach Them  
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 100,000 Rings
October 24th - 28th 2005
Silence + Torture = Complicity
October 5th 2006
four horsemen 100,000 rings pieta
  An Evening of Music and Discourse for Peace and Democracy
May 2003
  A Perfomance Event
August/September 2004
  breaking the silence   Performance  
Mouths in Action    
mouths in action