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"The Job of a Citizen is to Keep Your Mouth Open" —Gunter Grass


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MWO Supports
Sgt. Matthis Chiroux
We will be your insurgency
year of resistance 2010

Act for Change
—Progressive Activist site — Lots of great, easy-to-do actions
—is a coalition working to expose the lies that launched the war
and to hold accountable its architects...

American Civil Liberties Union

American Prospect

The Artists Network of Refuse and Resist

The Asia Times
—Defense Commitee and site for Conscienctious Objector Kevin Benderman

Bill Moyers' Show

Billionaires for Bush
— fun satirical activist group exposing the big money behind the
Republican war machine

NYC Billionaires for Bush

Blue Triangle
—Immigrants rights

Breaking the Silence
—An Evening of Music and Discourse for Peace and Democracy

Bring Them Home Now
— Military families, veterans, active duty personnel and others opposed to the war

Bulletin Board for Peace

Cannot Find Weapons of Mass Destruction
(this is a joke, but its brilliant)

The Center for Public Integrity for the Patriot Act

Code Pink - The Women's Pre-emptive Strike for Peace

Common Dreams

Condi Rice is Angry
—"Your Daily Meditation on America's Dour National Security Advisor"
—This is the most established national clearinghouse/discussion group/blog for progressives

Democracy Now

Dahr Jamail Dispatches
—problems and scandals concerning voting machines

Foreign Policy in Focus

Free Republic
—check out if you want to keep abreast of what the right is thinking

Forbidden Library
—A comprehensive list of books that have been censored, suppressed,
resulted in their authors' jailing or death

Grandmothers for Peace

The Guardian Newspaper
—Great place to get lots of satirical materials like bumper sticker

Harper's Magazine

History News Network
—He may be the king of potty humor, but he's also got gut also check out:

Information Clearing House

Iraq Body Count

The Iraq Project
—Iraq War Veterans— Time to come home

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Juan Cole - Informed Comment

KALW San Francisco


Know Our Enemy
——Protest, Posters and Art

Krugman, The Official Paul Krugman Website
— (there's an Unofficial one too)

Laura Flanders - Air America Radio

Mad Guerilla Brigade

Michael Moore —Satire site not unlike The Onion

Middle East Research and Information Project

Military Families Speak Out

Mother Jones Magazine

Move On

The Nation Magazine

Nation Institute

New Yorkers Say No to War

Not in Our Name

Occupy Wall Street

One Thousand Reasons

Open Democracy

The Onion
—great satire on the White House
—Great place for fact checking recent rumors

—great progressive writing that reminds us that not all Christians are right-wing

—Theaters Against War

Thomas Paine.common sense
—Great intellectual site with civil rights content

Tom Dispatch
—Cindy Sheehan updates at Truth Out

United for Peace

VAIW Veterans Against the Iraq War
—Support the Troops, Oppose the Policy

Veterans for Common Sense

Veterans for Peace

Village Voice
—Nat Hentoff's weekly column in the Village Voice

Vonnegut, Kurt Vonnegut— Cold Turkey
—81 year old novelist Kurt Vonnegut waxes on about the war
and our addiction to power, fuel, and ethyl alcohol

Vote to Impeach

War In Context

The White House
—These guys have honed their satire into a science


Working for Change
—from Working Assets

World Can't Wait
——Drive out the Bush Regime

World News Daily Information Clearing House
—News you won't find on CNN or FOXNEWS.

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